Emergency Planning

Prepare yourself and your family for an emergency by making an emergency plan. ”


The Essex Civil Protection and Emergency Management Team (ECPEM)  work for Essex County Fire and Rescue Service in partnership with Essex County Council to provide, oversee and contribute to the delivery of the County Councils’ statutory duties associated with emergencies.

Working with all other responders the Team has to identify and assess the potential threats to our communties, actively seek ways to avoid them happening and have plans ready should the emergency occur. When an emergency does occur the ECPEM team are reponsible for activating the necessary plans, co-ordinating the local authority response and working with the emergency services in helping our communities. The Team also have to ensure that all the County Council’s departments who may have a role in an emergency know what that role is and what their responsibilities are.

Our aspiration is to prepare our communities to be ready to respond to emergencies of any kind by proactively educating, warning and informing them and supporting them in their response to, and recovery from emergencies when they occur.

We will achieve this by anticipating new hazards and threats, assessing the likelihood of them occuring and their potential impact, preparing plans should they occur, responding to them when they do and supporting our communities in recovering from them.