Emergency Planning

Consider working with others to create networks of neighbours, relatives, friends and co-workers who will assist each other in an emergency. ”

What to put in your Grab Bag


What to put in your Grab Bag


“Think about things you normally have at hand”

⇒ List of prescription medicines for the family – inhalers/epi-pens
⇒ Copy of Identity documents
⇒ Copy of Insurance details
⇒ Basic First aid kit
⇒ Basic toiletries
⇒ Radio (battery or wind up)
⇒ Torch (battery or wind up)
⇒ Notebook, pen/pencil
⇒ Spare glasses/contact lenses
⇒ Mobile phone charger
⇒ Contact list – including phone numbers
⇒ Spare keys for house/car
⇒ What would be useful for you…?

This way you should be ready for anything





  • Cash & Credit Card
  • Contact List
  • Warm clothes
  • Water